Lime Stuice

Make the most of your citrus; take stock and make stock. BOOM.

What you need

Large strainer bag
Tongs and bar spoon
2L measuring jug
White sugar (40g)
Citric acid (15g)
Malic acid (10g)
Lime husks (1kg)


Add 1.5L of water and 1kg of husks to a large pot. Bring it to boil and monitor for 5 minutes. With your tongs, remove the husks (your stock will go bitter if you leave them any longer) and give them a quick squeeze. Remove from heat quickly and measure your liquid. Accounting for some loss in heat evaporation and absorption from the husks, it should be 1300ml. Place back on high heat, and reduce by 50%. Total volume should now be 650ml. Add the sugar, malic acid and citric acid. Filter, bottle and it’s good to go!