Another of our favorites is from our friends at Native (Singapore), who hand cut their own coasters from lotus leaves, instead of using regular coasters. At the end of the night the coasters are dried and re-used. Each coaster lasts about 15-20 turns before it is composted.

Another exciting thing at Native is their compost system, where they use Bokashi composting: you spray an enzyme over your compost, resulting in a liquid which you can use as hand sanitizer and also to mop the floors and stuff!

One of the awesome benefits of having so little waste is that they no longer need to use bin bags in their bins. Native have also ‘boycotted’ palm oil, especially since the burning of palm oil plantations has a direct effect on the haze over Singapore.

The list goes on but really when you have a venue that makes less than 100g of waste per night, it’s best to just bow down and praise their exceptional Green Hustle vibes.