Altos Distillery


Altos tequila does a lot of things throughout the process of their distilling to reduce their impact on the environment. In the words of their Maestro Tequilero, Jesus Hernandez, “I was born on this soil, and my family will continue to live here for generations. I need to make sure I am taking good care of the land, so they can enjoy it as much as I have”.

They take their spent agave fibres and compost them for use as fertilizer in their fields. Because they have the capacity to compost much more than they produce, they take spent fibres from nearby distilleries that don’t have the ability to do it themselves.

Bats are also important pollinators for agaves, but because many agaves are propagated by rhizome (‘cloning’) and harvested before the agave is allowed to flower (produce Quixote), the bat populations are going extinct.

Altos is combatting this by allowing a percentage of their farmed agaves to flower, even though this means losing a percent of harvestable agaves.